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Running a successful retail business is rarely easy, but today’s retailers have some particularly powerful and effective tools to make use of. Choosing and using the right marketing scents for your business can produce benefits of considerable kinds that contribute directly to improved financial results. A retail establishment that features a well chosen system and scents will make it significantly easier to succeed in the business.

Retailers Can Easily Make the Most of Another Important Sense

Almost all brick and mortar retailers today put plenty of ongoing effort into creating visually appealing product displays that are designed to entice shoppers. Likewise do many retailers understand that playing the right type of music at an appropriate volume can improve results, as well.

The sense of smell harbors every bit as much potential for retailers as do those of sight and hearing. Systems that allow retailers to add scents to their stores can produce concrete benefits relating to:

  • Visit length. The longer a shopper stays browsing in a retail store, the more likely a purchase becomes. Shoppers who spend more time in retail establishments also tend to check out with larger collections of items. Comforting, welcoming, pleasant scents can round out the experience of being in a store such that shoppers tend to linger longer. That alone can easily repay the investment made into having a scent-diffusing system installed.
  • Purchasing behavior. Even a shopper who is hurried and rushed might be enticed to make a purchase before moving on. Certain carefully selected scents can encourage shoppers to become buyers even when they were not previously disposed in that direction. A scent system that generates as little as a single additional sale each day could easily pay for itself quite quickly.
  • Memorability. Memories are complex, frequently mysterious seeming things. One related fact that has been well established, though, is that the presence of a particular scent can help with memory formation and subsequent recall. Once again, this reality can easily be leveraged to the benefit of retailers.

An Effective Way to Boost Business

For reasons like these and others, having a scenting system installed can benefit almost any retail store. A small investment can pay off in ways that will be both surprising and welcome.

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