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Doubtlessly, most of us have found ourselves yearning to be the next Steve jobs or Michael Zuckerberg. There is no point in wishing we could never be them. The good news however is that we can become even better. Months on end the thought has never left you. From the deepest part of your soul you know you are cut out to be the next big thing. Apparently it doesn’t help much to be a farmer without the right tools, Business resources and knowledge in farming. You might be surprised to discover that most of your idols were in your shoes years ago. Time is of essence if you can learn fast take it. Sit tight and enjoy the session.

Heard of SCORE ? Good , because right there is your answer. SCORE is what you need to be on and scoring should be your purpose in life. We are talking numbers of about eleven thousand business people both retired and working offering you their two cents about business If you like to have it straight from the Pro’s, then you couldn’t have found a better platform You are working for yourself of course but no one said you had to do everything for yourself. That’s right they are offering you support for free. Don’t break into dance yet , you still have to pay for workshops.

All roads lead to the internet in this times we are in and you can even access the Legal information . Customers are indeed expecting you to be in every social media platforms. You may find it utterly depressing trying to juggle all of them at once. Finally , Someone thought about you and created Hootsuite. It gets your information across all avenues or rather gets the sites into one platform. it’s all fine and good but without LivePlan you’ll be out of business soon. You can check out the different business plans and buy one that suits your business. Plans are the doors leading to the Sesame of loans and investments. Why buy it when you can get it for free by going for the BPlans.

Those books gathering dust in your home could be a rich source of information. If you can lay your hands on Seven habits of Highly Effective People, Lean In, The Networking Survival Guide and the E- myth demystified you are good to go. The big brains behind this books are Steven Covey, Sheryl Sanderberg, Diane Darling and Michael Gerber in that order. That said you absolutely want to HARO(Help A reporter out You might just get an interview with Richard Quest or any other journalist you prefer if you go the Help out a reporter way. Those GoToMeetings might not seem motivating but the reward are worth your time.

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