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Go Camping or Hiking for a Better Living Take a wonderful look at an amazing scenery through camping and hiking. You have a lot of activities to choose from such as walking into the woods, climbing up a mountain, and many more. Feel happiness and excitement at the same time by going on a trip and try camping. If you are still new to camping and hiking, you must take down this notes to be guided: First is to pack out what you have packed in your bag. The second step is to maintain low in volume. If you observe silence, you can take pictures of the wildlife and have good relationship with other campers peacefully. Everywhere you go, you must clean even though the trash is not yours. You should never wash any of your belongings, such as your pots, utensils, and clothes, in the water sources of the camp site, even your feet. Even if the source is a lake, river, or pump, you should not use it for those activities.
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Make a fire only if needed. Fires are known to destroy the land. If you really need to make fire, you can do so in the provided fire rings only. Build your tent in the proper area only. Teach other campers on how to be a good camper. You must be selfless and think about other people, too. You can be a dedicated and cooler camper if you also help others become good.
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And by the time you already master the camping and hiking etiquette, you will already be worthy of packing that bag of yours. The common rule in camping is to bring little things with you only to be able to walk and hike with ease. It will be easier for you to hop on rocks and run on trails if you only bring what it highly needed for you. A good camper knows how important it is to move fast and easily. You do not want to carry a bag filled with unnecessary things. A good camper must be good in observing what is happening around him or her. Thinking in advance will help you not get in to trouble. You should keep yourself safe at all times by putting in mind the tips in hiking and camping. Ensure your safety before leaving by letting someone know where you are going and when will be our arrival. You may keep your trip a secret but not to your closet friend, family member or lover. You must also make sure that all your important camping equipment are working properly before you get too excited to go right away. For example, if your stove is not working properly, it will give you a lot of hassle. You should know that hiking needs a lot of your physical strength. Look at your limits. You can be confident but with limits.

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