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The Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent federal agency that helps small businesses in the United States. Applying for an SBA loan is like applying for a regular commercial loan – except this may be the last resort for your businesses because you have to have been turned down for a business loan on your own. Business and data statistics: Research will become a second hobby as you plan your business.small business administration

Ever since Congress created the SBA in 1953, this federal agency has helped guarantee millions of loans to small and mid-sized businesses, in addition to providing counseling, contracts, and other forms of assistance. If you own a business that falls into one of these groups—attraction, pharmacy, camping, lodging, food and gas—and your business is located near a controlled-access state highway, then you’re eligible to get your company on the big blue sign.small business administration

The Small Business Administration helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. The small business management degree online courses stress the development of critical-thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills. Wilfredo Gonzalez, District Director is a Board of Trustee Member at the University of North Florida and also on the Sherriff’s Advisory Council of the Jacksonville Police Athletic League.

If your score is not in its best shape, you can come up with a thorough business plan or collateral. SBA loans cannot be made to a small business if the borrower has access to other financing that offers reasonable terms. The applicant must also have sufficient equity capital so that, with the SBA loan, the business can operate on a sound financial basis.

Small Business Association is a federal government agency that provides assistance to help start, build, and grow businesses. Provide timely, instructive and useful information to the small business community through SBA’s extensive digital and in-person outreach efforts.small business administration


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