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For many individuals and businesses, the money used to pay for products and services are found on their credit and debit cards. A typical role could be that of a work study practitioner who has been empowered in the field of Work Study and is able carry out complete work study investigations and make recommendations for improvements to management. It explores some basic concepts and techniques involved in economic analysis at an introductory level, and considers the relevance of economics and the economic environment, to business managementbusiness management

We welcome students from any major to pursue a minor in business management, as professionals in all industries can benefit from acquiring solid business skills. Even if a lot of implementing activities are successful, business document management isn’t used very frequently, or everywhere.

Here the focus is project management in contemporary and sustainable organisations. Health Care Management – Emphasis is placed on the management side of the industry with courses in medical terminology, health services, regulatory and legal issues, and health management

By choosing from a range of modules covering topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, human resources, leadership and ethics, in your final year, you can tailor your degree to your interests and graduate with a specialist named degree. Through individual and group assignments in courses taught by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, you’ll build your business management knowledge and gain first-hand insights into current business practices, trends and opportunities.

Both are taught by leading experts in business and management who have strong links with companies and professional bodies. Similarly, if you are trying to run an existing business then its clear you need to change the way you do things. This is a credential offered by the globally recognised Project Management Institute provided the candidate has at least 24 hours of formal project management education.

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