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Istilah intelijen bisnis (bahasa Inggris: business intelligence, BI) merujuk pada teknologi, aplikasi, serta praktik pengumpulan, integrasi, analisis, serta presentasi informasi bisnis atau kadang merujuk pula pada informasinya itu sendiri. Fortune 500 companies are expected to invest a lot in BI tools to harness the large amounts of data. Risk Assessment: Taking risks is part of every business; but, if one can take precautions, it turns extremely helpful. You will develop sound knowledge and understanding of new-media related business practices and transferable skills designed to meet the challenges of employment within the global economy.

Pricing a Business Intelligence implementation can be tricky and many consultancy firms take advantage of this fact. Integration – rates the ability of the software to assimilate third-party applications and formats, especially popular productivity tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Office and Outlook and proprietary email intelligence

In this course, students will examine the status of Big Data and its impact on the business world, framing analytics challenges using a structured life cycle approach to data analytics problems. There are solutions which play a fundamental role in transforming businesses through actionable intelligence.

It is no surprise that in many high-performing organizations, business intelligence and root cause analysis have emerged as top strategic initiatives and priorities for senior management. The company which developed the computer software that your business uses to collect and store its information will often be able (and very willing) to supply BI intelligence

I will only be teaching three more of my Visual Business Intelligence Workshops. To support this approach, the organization must have enterprise architects who can identify suitable business projects. Organizations everywhere look to analytics to help them become/remain competitive in an ever more challenging business intelligence

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