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Tomorrow’s manager is a person successfully functioning in a complex international environment. You will gain required skills and knowledge from a range of business disciplines, including marketing, management, finance, accounting and logistics. The ever increasing pressure on business and governmental agencies to enhance performance at local, national and international levels is a constant reminder of business

We offer personal loans, debt consolidation loans, venture capital, business loans, student loans, home loans or loans for any legitimate reason. MATH 208 fulfills the quantitative literacy requirement of the Core Curriculum for International Business. We are one of the few UK universities to offer language training on this type of course, giving you a real advantage when it comes to competing for the best jobs.

International Business students are encouraged to spend a semester studying at an overseas partner university. Design marketing plans for developed and emerging markets that reflect their unique cultures, management styles, business practices and operating business

Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to a business idea, a real project or a business plan. A series of guest speakers, a panel event and a company visit will expose you to real life experience and practices in arguably the most fast paced and competitive business hub in the world: business

The English requirement of the course will prepare the student for an international position in industry and allow a deepening of their English language written skills. Global Logistics and International Trade examines, in a global context, the set of processes required to strategically manage materials and product flows from suppliers through to the final customer in order to achieve competitive advantage.

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