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SBA or Small Business Administration is an independent agency of the US government that helps in protecting the interests of the small business organizations by assisting them in securing loans, forming business plan, business counseling so that they can thrive among competition which in the long run is beneficial to the economy of the country. If you wish to learn more about starting a small business, you should also try to get information on colleges as well as universities that may offer seminars or workshops and other business programs for new startup entrepreneurs and novice business owners.small business administration

By 1954, SBA already was making direct business loans and guaranteeing bank loans to small businesses, as well as making loans to victims of natural disasters, working to get government procurement contracts for small businesses and helping business owners with management and technical assistance and business training.small business administration

The Smaller War Plants Corporation accomplished this through providing loans directly to private entrepreneurs, providing incentives to large financial institutions to increase lending to small enterprises and acting as an advocate for small business in the federal procurement process.small business administration

Working with other federal agencies, SBA will help reduce the complexity of USG trade financing and export marketing programs and highlight the growing importance of exports to the U.S. economy, thereby encouraging more lenders to offer comprehensive business solutions to their export customers.

SBA’s plan to increase the application return rate will indirectly make the Disaster Loan Program more efficient by: 1) saving costs on mailing application packets to 100{c5af7dfcac74c6fe30f917948b7a3c799c460c768962769cd460a3bd41500ead} of disaster survivors referred to SBA; and 2) freeing up resources dedicated to preparing and mailing application packets that can be utilized in other critical areas of the application screening process that directly impact processing times.

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