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Arsitektur general dari sistem business intelligence terlampir pada gambar 1. Komponen-komponen saling berinteraksi untuk memfasilitasi fungsi dasar business intelligence: mengekstrak data dari sistem operasional perusahaan, menyimpan data yang sudah diekstrak kedalam datawarehouse, dan menarik data yang disimpan untuk berbagai aplikasi analisis bisnis.

This process ensures that the data being brought into the warehouse matches the businesses’ definitions and meets the purpose of inquiry and not a technical definition of a field somewhere or a piece of data that could potentially be compiled of other or unknown things to the intelligence

To find out more about BI, read our white paper Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail” In it you’ll see the most common mistakes made in BI deployments and how to avoid them so your BI applications will be as successful and effective as intelligence

Our success is based on the fact that we address the specific needs of organisations working in particular industries and as a result we have developed industry focused models which enable us to adopt a fast track approach delivering business value in a relatively short time intelligence

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