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Tips to Writing a Book

When you start writing a book, you may either find it challenging of easy. You will find it a bit challenging especially if it is the first time you are writing. You may never know where to start from. However, writing a book only requires one to be determined and focused. It will tend to get easier with time as you continue writing. Your starting point will still need to be determined. Writing a given book in one day without prior planning is never possible. Writing needs a lot of planning first. When starting to write a book, you will be assisted by some factors.

The genre you are writing about needs to be considered. The genre is always vital as it will give you an idea of what to base your book on. To be on the safe side, you should never go for a genre because it sells or it is trending. You should instead go for a genre you are interested in. Going for a genre because it is making lots of cash will end up frustrating you eventually. Poor quality work will be a result of you working on a genre that you do not like and hence you will end up messing everything up.

Your starting point in writing the book should always be from the end of the book. Writing is always easy when you begin the work. You will always notice that when you start writing you will always have lots of content on the topic. However as you progress, you will start getting tired and bored. Thinking will start diminishing and you will not be able to write as much. The ending of a story is always a problem for most writers. Starting with the end of a story is therefore wise since you will still be enthusiastic with a lot of energy.

Developing the story’s characters should be done. Your characters are the ones who will build the plot of the story. When readers are reading, they need to have some visual image created in their mind by the characters of your story. They will able to have a picture of what the characters are going through.

One also needs to ensure that they have created an outline of what they are to write. Your writing will be able to be guided with the outline. You will be able to have some idea to put down in every step of the way. You will be able to write a lot faster having the outline with you. The guides stated above will assist you when you want to start writing.

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