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This engaging and diverse business and management degree explores the critical areas of business and management practice and underpins this reality with the foundations of organisational theory. This is because it allows them to talk about issues such as management support, adequate resources, training and communication, which they may feel management has not handled well in the past. Students may also apply for a double degree programme:¬†first year at Regent’s University, in London, and second year in Rome at Sapienza University.

Students interested in pursuing an Entrepreneurship or Real Estate Management Major should know that the majority of courses required for the Major will not be available in the evening (at this time). On this module you will consider the management issues in relation to growth and resourcing for international business management.

Another way to successfully manage a small business is to keep a close eye on the inventory or stock. Some people don’t believe in management book reviews, they don’t believe in such editorial solutions, offered for example by Harvard Business Review. A restaurant that uses is bound to have more satisfied and motivated employees leading to a smoothly functioning management

Some of the activities that management can this system such as inventory management, financial management, reporting, manufacturing management, and other activities. The following is an example of a detailed project plan for a Business Process Improvement effort performed for a Public Services management

Mid- and lower-level management may add their own plans to the business’s strategic ones. As a third year module, you are required to understand strategic management within the broad context of current debates and contemporary issues as they influence business management in the global management


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