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Globalization is the movement of domestic and national markets to an international level. NTUC Fairprice, a large supermarket retailer commonly have more resources to launch a larger number of total competitive actions as compared to a small family-owned provision shop business in the neighbourhood estate. Business and management involves many economic activities such as accounting, agribusiness and management

In order for a business to be successful it is essential that it must have a management system capable of ensuring the business can achieve its goals and objectives. Specific areas of research include financial crime, corporate reporting, social entrepreneurship, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility.

On completing the module you will be able to select and apply the appropriate SCM techniques to support business problem solving in a variety of situations. The art of business management must be to ensure that the business operations are both efficient and effective.

Work experience which has given the applicant an appreciation of a range of different roles and/or work settings and/or management. The URBS is a student-run society that brings together business students and professionals, provides opportunities to attend business events both on campus and in London, and enter into national business and entrepreneurship management

Our academics have a wealth of experience in organisations and business and will support you to connect your learning to the realities of business and management. The module offers the opportunity to develop the skills and understanding necessary to write a professional business plan and bid for venture capital management


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