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The sentence was carefully crafted and designed to define an enormous details in single line. Business intelligence as it is understood today is said to have evolved from the decision support systems (DSS) that began in the 1960s and developed throughout the mid-1980s. Some companies adopting BI software decide to pick and choose from different product offerings (best-of-breed) rather than purchase one comprehensive integrated solution (full-service).

For example, suppose you run a query in your BI software regarding the cost and ROI of partnering with a particular supplier. Three concentration courses take you deeper into business intelligence, examining big data at the macro level and focusing on business implications and intelligence

If you are interested in Learning and Development at the workplace, you might be interested in joining our Master’s programme next year! The internship is a great opportunity for students to conquer the business data world, obtain professional experience, acquire new skills, and develop existing skills.

One such vehicle is that broad set of capabilities currently flying under the banner of Business Intelligence. A brief look at which kinds of clients a given B2B solution in the Business Intelligence Software category is designed for, from small businesses and non-profits to large enterprises.

As we change jobs and roles, we need to grow our business intelligence through continuous learning- not just to keep up, but also to get and stay ahead. For more information, download the department’s Business Intelligence Strategy for Phase 2 (pdf, 1.3MB).business intelligencebusiness intelligence

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