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Business Ethics (Classroom, 3 Days)

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Ethics in business are not only common sense, but business sense as well, no matter if you run a huge corporation or a little home business from your garage. The Faculty Advisory Council is designed to advance a dynamic conversation on current business ethics issues across all Bentley University departments and beyond the Bentley campus. It’s likely this definition will be refined and reworked as I progress, but I feel this is a good starting ethicsbusiness ethics

Our commitments and expectations are documented in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Business Partner Code of Conduct, and these documents may be viewed using the links at the bottom of this page. Our employees are required to report any violations, or potential violations, of our Code of Ethics through our Doing What’s Right program, which includes a whistle-blower hotline and web portal that are managed by a third party.

In other words, it treats profit and business success as means to a greater end: making the world a little better. Below I consider ethical issues that arise at the nexus of firms’ engagement with three important groups: consumers, employees, and society. Our company requires that every employee and member of the Boards of Directors use sound judgment, maintain high ethical standards and demonstrate honesty in all business dealings.

Not accountable in a legalistic way; accountable in a social way that comes with the feeling that people around you area aware of your behaviour. Some ethicists see the principal role of ethics as the harmonization and reconciliation of conflicting interests.

To the extent that it makes sense—and it often does, he believes—to assign responsibility for the harm, it must be assigned to the firm itself. The Ericsson Code of Business Ethics is periodically reviewed and acknowledged by all employees and it is translated into more than 30 languages ensuring that it is accessible to all ethics

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