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Succession planning is a critical linchpin in building the bench strength of a business into a positive long-term future, as well as a key element of business risk management. From the birth of firms through incubators and seed accelerators, to boosting growth for small and medium firms by means of second stage business accelerators, to advising corporate giants through management consulting firms, business development constitute an important element any phase of the company life development

Building your company’s or business’ image among the public is the major thing that you need to concentrate on. You can try to influence the audience using various different ways and having a website of your own for your business or your company can be one of development

Having conducted a variety of market analyses focused on understanding future customer requirements, the dynamics of the competitive landscape and defined evidence to support the market growth pockets, business development formulated a comprehensive five-year growth programme including significant strategic investments in new product innovations, acquisitions and a complete rethinking of the global supply chain development

In such instances boutique consultancy firms come in handy to for example support a particular project or give advice on matters related to a specific topic such as law, finance or HR. Larger corporations often make use of larger management consultancy firms to identify existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement.

Notice also the distinction of tasks between business development and the line organisation, and notice how business development started as the analysers and architects of a growth programme and once approved went into execution mode by acting as leaders of specific change projects with overall responsibility for overseeing the totality of the programme.

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