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Disabled groups are often discriminated against. The public has a view that disability is a disgrace or a curse. So people stay away from people with disabilities, even checking them. This is certainly a problem.

Discrimination against people with disabilities is based on physical conditions or disabilities they carry. People have treated people with assumptions or prejudices that with conditions of people with disabilities we have, are considered to be able to carry out activities like other people in general.

Medically, disability is a biological (pathological) condition. Disability is a person of innate birth (not caused by the environment). Disabled people usually need long-term care. However, not all people with disabilities must receive long-term care, only those with disabilities who medical conditions that qualify for LTD. This view perpetuates the concept of persons with disabilities as “sick” and relies on medical services. People with disabilities are viewed morally, people with disabilities are connected as people with sin and evil. This kind of discrimination treatment can be clearly seen in the field of work. Most job providers are reluctant to accept disabled people as employees. They will not be able to work as effectively as other employees who are not disabled. So for job providers, hiring people with disabilities is tantamount to pushing companies on the bank of bankruptcy because they have to provide some tools for carrying out their activities.

Causes of disability
There are several things that cause disability, such as:
1. Disability due to the accident
a. war
b. work accident
c. traffic accident

2. Birth defect when in the womb

3. Defects caused by disease
a. folio guy
b. venereal disease
c. TBC disease

4. Disability due to malnutrition and food and drink poisoning.

5. Disability due to chronic alcoholism and drug abuse.

6. Disruptions caused by population and environmental pollution and natural disasters.


Impact of disability

Disability that occurs later will also have an impact on his life, and the effects that usually occur are:

  1. Physical problems

disability suffered by a person can result in physical abilities to do certain actions or movements related to daily living activities.

  1. Psychological problems

due to disability can disturb a person mentally / mentally, so that someone becomes inferior or vice versa appreciates him too much, easily confused, sometimes aggression (, pessimistic, unstable, difficult to make decisions and so on.

  1. Socio-economic problems

Socioeconomic problems are illustrated by the life of people with disabilities who are generally below the poverty line. This is due to low income.

  1. Educational problems

because of his physical disability, this often causes difficulties especially school-age children. They need special attention from both parents and teachers at school. Most of these difficulties also involve transportation between homes and schools, as well as difficulties in using school equipment.


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