What Has Kept Content at the Front of the Game in Internet Marketing?

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In the last half a decade, things have changed in Internet marketing. For marketers who have stepped out of the field for a while or have been distracted in the insanity of mobile development, what has changed? What hasn’t? Below is a quick review of the big things shaping Internet marketing today.

Cheap Tricks Have Been Updated Out

Looking to save some time by getting right to the tops of the charts? It isn’t likely, but it can happen. If it does happen, it won’t be done with cheap tricks. These tricks have been filtered and updated “out of the game,” as they say, and they just won’t work. Even a company with a billion dollar budget won’t be able to fight against one big reality in web marketing- the need for time. Things won’t just happen overnight, especially if a marketer is only a few nights into the new campaign. Google was dropping big updates almost every year which eradicated strategies, including keyword stuffing and rank buying. Buying YouTube views, on a slightly related note, is also largely out of the question. It is no coincidence that Google now owns YouTube.

Keywords are Just as Valuable, They are Just More Varied

Keywords are just as essential as they were in 2011, but they have become extremely specific. There is a need for secondary and third-rank keywords in the content that can’t be ignored. Content will not rank as well with one relatively vague keyword.

Content needs variety

A page that has only written content is at a distinctive disadvantage. The same applies to content that is filled with just videos, even if they are original and not YouTube embeds. Regardless, variety is the spice of life. Google does not just favor it. The company almost requires it.

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