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The U.S. Senate’s plan to repeal and replace the ACA¬†will eradicate hard-won benefits for America’s entrepreneurs, cause a rapid rise in healthcare costs and create tremendous economic instability. For my business organization I will need to employee specialised people to help me to run the business organization because me my self will not be able to help all the clients and the rehabilitation Center and as a human being I will not be able to work all days because I will need some days to relax myself and therefore it’s good to have several people working in the business for me while I’m not around the premises.small business

The person which I have chosen is Oprah Winfrey she is not running rehabilitation business but in her show Oprah Winfrey show she was able to talk to and help people with addiction problems and that’s a great example to show people that anyone can help an individual who is going through addiction.

Business productivity software solutions enable managers to more easily track progress during every phase of goal completion and offer immediate reinforcement or coaching to keep performance and deadlines on track in daily operations, and utilize performance measurements for strategic planning.

Profit: to survive as a business organization, I would have to make sure my rehabilitation business makes a profit to keep running and be successful with good profit coming into the business I would be able to pay off all the workers and pay for the rent at last I would also be able to reward myself with a good salary.small business

Social also got a big impact on how well my business is doing, my business depends on the way people live their lifestyle in today’s society if the peoples lifestyle is bad and they got addiction and the percentage of does people live near my business premises it’s the right place for them to get rehabilitated.small business

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