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Knowing of the Effects of Daylight Savings Time on Your Wellbeing

You need to appreciate the fact that the concept of daylight savings time actually has such an impact on your professional and social life, a concept that has actually been in use in a number of countries the world over for quite a couple of years now. In as much as it happens to be such a concept that has been in use for years now and as such many have been used to it, there is the other inconvenience that comes with it and that is that of having to put the clock forward in the spring and backward in the fall. First of all, we must appreciate the fact that there is an inconvenience that is caused when we set the clock an hour forward in the spring and this is in losing an hour of sleep even though this may be seen to be recouped when the settings are redone in the fall.

Note the fact that losing an hour’s sleep has a serious impact on one’s circadian rhythm. The particular change in your circadian rhythm has actually been seen as a major issue that has been linked to a number of side effects some of which are like lowered productivity in your work, fatigue, and several other serious issues like miscarriages, increase in traffic accidents, depression and as well suicide rates.

Looking at all these, it is as such a fact that the question of the time is whether daylight savings is the best thing for us to consider. Read on and see some of the surest ways that you will see this concept and idea of daylight savings time will actually get to impact your health, both physically and mentally.

One of the ways and surest effects that daylight savings time will have on your health is that of it impacting your sleep and issues of sleep. The first thing that you need to acknowledge is that your body’s circadian rhythm happens to be quite fragile. Given the particular fragile nature of the circadian rhythm, it goes without saying that any kind of disruption to the set ways and patterns to this can actually prove to be quite hard to overcome.

The body may actually get to suffer from such sleep issues and disrupted sleep patterns which will basically get to run for several days and at times run to weeks suffering from disrupted sleep patterns. If at all you happen to be already suffering from insomnia, losing just a single hour’s sleep can have serious negative effects. The link given here is one where you are going to find more info on daylight savings time and when it will end in the year 2018.

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