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Scenarios Where You Will Need A Pay Stub

A pay stab is a document that shows how much employees are paid and it’s usually given for each pay period. A complete pay stub has to show the total earning, all the deductions made from it and the net earnings. Having a pay stub is a must thing for any employed person because it reflects that they are getting paid. When people hear about pay stubs, they only think that it is a document which can be used to settle any discrepancy with the employer about your salary, but in truth, a pay stub can be used in so many other ways. In this article, you will get to know other scenarios where you may be forced to use your pay stab.

A common situation where you might find yourself producing a pay stab, is when you are looking for a house so that you can rent it.Nowadays, in the real estate industry, agents usually ask new tenants for their pay stubs before accepting them in their houses. The main reason for it is to confirm that the tenant is employed and can be able to afford the required rent. And when you show your pay stub, the landlord will be able to have your address and so can contact anyone close to you in case of emergency.

Secondly, when you are filling your taxes, you will find out that you are required to use your pay stub. No matter which country you belong to, if you are employed you have to file your taxes and it’s never that easy. And without your paystubs, the whole process of filling in your tax information can be really stressing since they give you an overview of your earnings. Another advantage of using pay stubs while filing your taxes is that they provide you with the various deductions which are usually made from your salary and hence easing the whole tax filing process.

Apart from the above situations, you may also find yourself in need of a pay stub so as to show proof of earning for other application. Like for example, when you are short of cash and you want to apply for a loan, the banker will, first of all, ask you to present your pay stub as an assurance that you get your salary. Also when applying for a visa, you might find that there are some countries which require a certain financial threshold to be met before visiting and so they ask you to present your pay stub so that they can assure that you meet their requirements. To evade such surprises, you must always keep your pay stubs in a safe place.

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