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The idea of beginning a business from home has two sides to it; on one hand it can be hard graft while on the other hand it can be stimulating. Pestle stands for politics economics social technological legal environmental these are the 6 factors that can impact the business organization through politics, constitutional change can change the way a business organization runs, my business is rehabilitation Center and therefore the government can change the law on increased tax will affect my business with decreased profit.small business

The business idea could be almost anything such as a coffee shop, a courier service, a hairdresser, a motor vehicle repair workshop, a DJ service, a painting and decorating business, an equipment hire operation, or an organic smallholding producing fruit and vegetables.small businesssmall business

My rehabilitation business will advertise its products and services through social media in order to save money advertising businesses through television is expensive and will cost the business a lot of money, social media such as Facebook and twitter is free and can reach more people for free if the advertising is done in the right way.

In order for my business to be successful I will need to have the right workers working for me to get the right workers in my organization I will interview each potential candidate and chose the ones I feel like can achieve the business goals and objectives.

Today, more and more small to medium businesses are hiring the services of employee rewards service providers who have established relationships with suppliers and specialized companies, which track all the recent changes in employee rewards sector, accumulate necessary knowledge and practical experience, and effectively help other companies choose, implement, and manage employee benefits for small business.

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