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International Business encompasses the study of public, private and not-for-profit organisations, both small and large, their management practices and processes, and the changing external and increasingly global environment in which they operate. Topics include consumer demand; elasticity; supply and costs of production; the allocation of economic resources; international trade; and the role of government in promoting economic welfare. International business majors are required to take one year of a foreign language at the college business

It is becoming a more commonly seen move, women becoming more popular in the international workforce. To certify your major in the Carson College of Business, you will need to complete specific prerequisite courses. When travelling to a different country to conduct business you should make sure that you are wearing acceptable business attire.

Whereas in the Philippines and Mexico they consider mid-morning and mid-afternoon as the only appropriate times for meetings (Madigan,2007). The courses that follow after the first semester add additional perspectives and models that provide further, in depth insights into the practical and theoretical areas that are related to the broad field of international business.

This is done by analysing the business environment, which is the core of this programme. You will learn about the international aspects of importing and exporting, communication and negotiation, accounting, logistics and marketing, and develop the strategic know-how required to manage in a global commercial businessinternational business

The module aims to give students an understanding of the nature of international business organisations and factors influencing how people work and manage in them. The reason why distribution logistics is given such a high degree of importance is due, on the one hand, to the high costs involved in distribution logistic tasks.

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