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In recent years, the use of galvalum roofing material has become quite well known as a substitute for wood and plywood roofs as it has long been used. Roof of galvalum or often referred to as mild steel is a method adapted from Japan.

Galvalum roof is high quality steel that is light and thin. And to get quality materials we recommend visiting metal roof exports, a provider of quality metal roofs that can help address the needs of your home. And this is the reason why you should choose the galvalum roof at home!

More Cost Effective

The design of the roof with a galvanum roof can be used in a very long time without having to change the roof frame frequently. Can you imagine how much it would have to cost if we had to spend money to replace the roof of a house that was attacked by termites constantly?

The galvalum roof is free of termites

As is known that the use of wood roofs is vulnerable to being eaten by termites, especially if the type of wood used is of poor quality. Termites are a frightening specter for people who have wooden houses.

The solution, you can consider using a galvanum roof that is more sturdy and resistant to termites. So, you don’t have to bother preparing how to eradicate termites at home!

Development is faster

The roof of galvalum that is ready to install will greatly save the time spent on various building projects. For example, a type 36 minimalist house can be completed in approximately 1 week using the galvalum roof truss.

The roof of the galvalum is lighter

As the name implies, the galvalum roof or also known as a lightweight steel roof truss has a much lighter weight compared to a wooden frame or a conventional iron frame. Roof of galvalum is easily moved from one place to another, increasing the percentage of safety of workers.

But, not everyone can install a galvalum roof

Not everyone is familiar and able to do the galvalum roof. Limited human resources make us need extra time to find the right craftsman and truly expert. Because of this, the installation costs tend to be much higher than the wooden roof truss.

The galvalum roof is also hot faster

In its use, the galvalum roof will heat faster when the sun is hot. This can affect the temperature inside the house. Especially if the climate in the area where you live belongs to a hot climate or tropical climate, such as in Indonesia. Unlike wood materials that do not easily absorb heat.

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