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Please be reassured that the vote to leave the European Union does not mean there will be any immediate material change to the UK university sector’s participation in EU programmes such as Erasmus and study abroad programmes. Young professionals with limited experience who want to enhance their employability in the local and the international labor market. They will also develop international marketing decision-making skills and know-how that will assist them in pursuing a career in international marketing or business

Those with backgrounds in finance may find work as loans officers for the Export Development Corporation (EDC) or as financial analysts with the global investing unit of a major financial institution. The contributions of social and cultural experiences as well as the role of biological factors in development are examined as are major theories of business

The case for assessment should cover some international business topic (see below) and be based on a concrete firm as opposed to academic theme. Not only are there internal pressures to perform, but the business environment is coming under increasing scrutiny to adhere to ethically and socially responsible business practices and managerial ethics.

Your second year allows you build your degree depending on your interests and career aspirations. Through tailored modules you will gain specialist knowledge in international trade and ethics and explore the challenges associated with taking a business to the global market.

Many students choose to take classes at more than one campus or combine on-site and online classes to complete their degree. During the first year of studies, the objective is to give the students a broad perspective on the business operations of a company, including computing and communication business

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