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February 5, 2018 | international business | No Comments

This module is for you if you are interested in strategy, management, marketing, innovation or entrepreneurship.  Graduates from the TAMK BBA in International Business Programme face exciting professional opportunities in the fields, e.g. marketing, sales, export-import operations, product management, and customer relations. Students will gain an understanding of key macroeconomic and microeconomic principles, and important insights into how economics factors and the economy affect business decisions and outcomes.

The International Business Entrance Exam 2017 Essay and Multiple Choice Questions are based on the pre-reading material. The traditional local markets have evolved through globalization , which has introduced many new international levels of business that has created a global business

If you would like information about the content of specific courses of the International Business degree program, the Faculty advisor can provide you more detailed information. The International Business Major prepares students for positions as managers and entrepreneurs in the global business

In June 2008, Qantas Airlines decided to take a different financial approach to help make the business more successful. The major goal of the course is to train experts in the field of international business and help our students gain relevant profound knowledge to boost their management career.

Second, the biblical integration into the curriculum by the faculty and members of the administration of the college is highly identifiable by the integrity and moral convictions exhibited by the students. This course analyzes salesmanship in modern business with emphasis placed on the principles and techniques of individual selling styles in both retail and wholesale business


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