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Advantages of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also pen testing is a practice of carrying out trials on a computer network, system or web software to find out their flaws which a hacker can make the most of. There are only two ways of doping penetration tests which include the manual way of the automatic way with software applications. Pen tests are done to find out the defects in the security system. Additionally, pen testing can unearth information concerning the employees’ awareness of security, the capability of the organization to reply to incidences of a security breach and the compliance of the organization to the security policy. There are many security benefits that are realized from penetration testing which are discussed in this article.

Hackers are becoming more inventive. The owners of business enterprises are therefore required to update their systems so that they can be protected against threats of hackers. Among the many defence tools that they can use is pen testing. Penetration tests for your IT system are done in the same fashion that a hacker would do. Use of virus, cracking of password and social engineering techniques among other ways that a hacker can manipulate your security system are employed. A pen tester will then provide information that can be used to protect the system from attacks by the real hackers.

Penetration testing is beneficial because it exposes the weaknesses of the system before the real hackers do. The It system is exposed to the same pressure like in the real attempt of hacking. You will learn of how the pen tester got access to your security system and how to you would have prevented it because he or she is not after stealing your data but helping you. When the organization learns from a simulated attack rather than a real one, it is worth a great deal of money.

There is less cost incurred in pen testing. Thus, the greatest locations of vulnerability are uncovered in pen testing. Thus with such information you can most effectively allocate and spend your cybersecurity budget. It is valuable that you realize that pen testing saves a lot of money in the end. This is because it is costly to fail in protecting customer data. If a breach happens to occur, you will lose trust in your clients. It is common that the governing bodies will issue you with threats when breaching occurs, thereby increasing the expenses.

In conclusion, a real situation of attack is modelled in a penetration test. Complacency is a common feeling when you have strong security defences. In truth, it is rare that systems are infallible. It is for the reason that hackers are inventing new hacking ways to destroy defences. Duplication a cyber-attack will give you information if your security is good.

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