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February 24, 2017 | small business administration | No Comments

Donald Trump has picked Linda McMahon, co-founder of pro wrestling company WWE , to lead his Small Business Administration, his transition team said Wednesday. A non-profit organization known simply as SCORE or Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners, may provide additional help if you wish to learn more. In addition, SBA will leverage its outreach by working with state, federal, and other resource partners in order to promote customized trade financing options to the small business exporting community.small business administration

UCC filings may affect the business credit score and may make it more difficult to obtain subsequent financing. Students will prepare, either individually or in teams, a comprehensive business plan for a new venture. The UW study appeared to show that the 2015-2016 wage floor increase from $11 to $13 per hour, one phase on that journey to $15, caused low-wage workers’ annual pay to go down, not up, and overall low-wage jobs to also go down.

The decline in access to business development creates an increase in the number of firms that are terminated each year because they do not stay connected to the SBA and do not meet program requirements for annual reviews. Attaining a high volume of lender participation will create a consistent pipeline of SBA loans to small businesses.small business administration

Many business schools of such universities and colleges offer free or discounted seminars and workshops for non student small business owners who are willing to learn more about starting a new business as well as once going, keeping it afloat. Bank of Commerce partners with local Certified Development Companies (CDC) who work with the SBA to provide small businesses with loans usually reserved only for larger firms.

If a business is classified as an 8 (a) business, it is automatically SDB certified. The Investment Company Act of 1958 established the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Program, under which SBA licensed, regulated and helped provide funds for privately operated and operated venture capital investment firms.small business administration


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