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Many assumptions that the job of designing a website is a complicated work that must be done by a designer in a short time. This statement is not wrong, but you can also be a designer for your personal website or blog. Of course I don’t mean website design from the beginning, but the design of a website or blog by combining matching blog components to get a blog with a beautiful design.

for that if you want to find out you have to read this article to completion.


  1. Theme

The themes provided in the blog service are usually selected themes from the many themes on the internet. You can just use an external theme for your blog on blogspot, but the theme that you can choose from within your blogspot is actually good enough for you. Both in terms of responsiveness, compatibility, and support for SEO. While if you are a wordpress user, themes taken from the official wordpress catalog will regularly get updates. If you use themes other than the themes provided by the blog, you don’t need to get this advantage.

Some things that can be considered:

  • Trend theme
  • Responsiveness of the theme
  • Type of blog (photo blog, text blog, magazine blog, etc)
  • Blog theme (which can affect blog colors, etc.)

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  1. Widget

Just like the theme, there are many widgets that you can use to beautify the look of your blog. But you should also pay attention to blogs with many widgets which will slow down the process of loading a website, Moreover, the widgets used are taken from outside the blog service.

Some things that can be considered:

  • The fewer widgets, the faster loading the blog
  • The widget function
  • Music widget (everyone has their own favorite song, don’t force your blog visitors to listen to your favorite songs)


  1. Font

Since issuing new things for the dashboard, blogspot blog platform users can replace all the fonts on the blog.

Some things that can be considered:

  • Target blog (Use standard fonts for website info and news, comic sans fonts for blog vent for example)
  • Small and large comparisons between one font and another font
  • The fewer fonts used in a blog, the faster the loading


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