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As a business owner I decided I needed to implement MoR Risk Management in the workplace. It introduces the key themes of: management; marketing; economics; finance; law; purchasing; and analytical techniques and IT for business. The dissertation module aims to equip you with the necessary intellectual and practical skills for undertaking an individual student-led, ethical investigation into an applied business (or the named degree) problem or management

Project management also pretty much differs from a traditional management that is it brings in coordination, execution-discipline, responsiveness, and alignment of organizational elements which is cross functional and gives a better end product. An additional purpose is to empower students to investigate alternative routes to start a business and also the uniqueness of the relationship between the family and its management

Production management includes the manufacture, distribution and analysis of quota. To make successful business an organization or an individual must select best location for its business. Essentially, operations management is concerned with explaining how manufacturing and service organizations work.

Possible career options with a degree in business management include operations manager, human resources director, project manager, marketing analyst, financial planner, financial analyst, and sales manager. Our courses for business management prepare you to join a family-run operation, work with a commercial or service-based enterprise, and/or successfully run your own management

This can tie in directly to the area of business you want to work in and is something you will be able to discuss at interviews to show where your interests and motivations lie. This course will introduce third year students to key concepts and topics in innovation management research from a critical perspective as well as exploring the application of those ideas to management practice.

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