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Save Money on Business Car Rentals

If running your business keeps you on the move you may spend a good amount of time waiting in lines for rental cars. Whether you’re at the airport or in need of a transport van or truck, car rental can be a time consuming process; if you have employees that travel it can add paperwork and expense reports to the mix. Lucky for you, there’s a new kid in the car rental neighborhood and they’re taking care of all the small details that bog your business down: Zipcar is here to save the day!

Zipcar is designed with business in mind, and it clearly shows in the innovated car rental structure of the company. You can join online and quickly have access to over 12,000 vehicles in cities and at airports around the world.

Zipcar takes care of the details and paperwork: all you have to do is list the drivers you want covered. And by covered we mean everything: mileage up to 180 miles per day, insurance, and gas are all included. You can rent your vehicle of choice for as little as an hour or up to a week, so you can adjust according to your needs. Why …

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