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Business Ethics Introduction

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Building and maintaining trust in our business relationships and pursuing the highest standards of ethical behavior remain a fundamental aspect of our company’s core values. An investor, for example, may have a claim to the profits of a business but have no authority over decisions pertaining to the business. The Williams College of Business would like to thank the Cintas Corporation, and the Kohlhepp and Farmer families for their generous support of our business ethics ethics

A business should also follow relevant codes of practice that cover its sector. But businesses can also impact society by trying to solve social problems and by using their resources to influence states’ laws and regulations. Vinten (1991) has divided the business ethical issues at different levels i.e. international business, domestic business and professional ethics

Closing a factory or cutting back on unprofitable activities often is necessary for a business to survive or thrive. Margolis, J.D. & J.P. Walsh, 2003, Misery Loves Companies: Rethinking Social Initiatives by Business”, Administrative Science Quarterly, 48(2): ethics

With the growth of individuals joining home based businesses online per day, christian home based business opportunities are becoming more attractive today, and for very good reason. Alex: This is the really interesting question for me about corporate social responsibility; it’s about presentation and the ethics of spin.

By the end of 2016, 13 of the 15 cases were closed following investigation, of which six resulted in management action, such as discipline or amendments to practices or policies. KBC engages with the Belgian chapter of Transparency International (TI) – the leading global organisation in the fight against corruption – so that we can correctly evaluate all the relevant issues at stake.

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