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International Business is the field of study that focuses on business activities that cross national boundaries, including exports and imports, international trade negotiations, and direct foreign investment. This module provides students with a thorough understanding of the nature of the international market place and the complex and challenging forces that shape the current international business environment and highlights future trends. Business Accounting Finance for Non-Accountants This module introduces the basics of Management and Financial Accounting for students who do not intend to follow a career in Accounting.

Schram was raised in France, where her family served on the missionary staff of Grace Brethren International Missions. In addition, International Business majors can find specialized opportunities within functional areas, such as marketing, human resource management, finance, and supply chain management.

Keeping the above points in mind, now consider the complexities of working on the international stage. International Business emphasizes thinking globally about today’s business environment, understanding cultural similarities and differences, and being prepared to conduct business in the expanding global businessinternational business

Macquarie’s international business program will equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make your mark in this intricate and exciting field. The International Business (INB) profile provides you with knowledge and insights that are specifically relevant to the organisation and management of global activities.

The world would be selfish and the diversity at a cultural and business level wouldn’t exist as it does today providing a world balance; diversity is important because it allows learning from others. Max Kantzer is CEO of Transmodal Corporation, a Ramsey, N.J.-based international logistics company providing Customs Brokerage, NVOCC, Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding business

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