An SEO Toronto Company Explores How Google May Be Reshuffling the Deck to Favor Changes and Action

It isn’t any secret that SEO is changing at a rate that is very fast and very hard to predict. It was worse during the SEO explosion in 2011 to 2014, but there are still things happening both big and small in the arena that have an immediate impact on a business’ SEO success. What are the things that are working and what is not? One particular key place of change is in CTR- the clicks and conversions and, by extension, the action on the website.

Why Google Cares About the Action

A website has to have some kind of action to be deemed relevant at all. The action could be an email list where users add their email to a listing. It could be a purchase of a product. Even in its simplest form, an action is reading the article and sharing it somewhere. Only blogs made by teenagers can have no call to action and still work as intended. For a business worth their salt, a call to action is a mandatory action item. Google has only prioritized this more in the last year or two, as seen by an seo toronto company.


The CTR is basically the follow-through expected of visitors to the website. Google tracks the percentage of visitors who take action on the website. This elevates a website from being just a page to being a viable entity on its own. Is the website igniting action? Is it is creating support? Views and clicks on the home page are great, but is there something more? Google has pushed websites higher in the search engines in their SEO if they are offering a real call to action and building the numbers to validate it.

Changes also play a part. How many times is the website being updated with real action items? Google wants to see websites that change and evolve even in small ways. Changes should occur on the backend. Changes encourage new action items and support for those who do engage with the website in some way. Google is pushing action for viewers who take their little view to another level. This is the art of CTR and the heart of SEO in 2017.