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How do you Differentiate between Vintage and Antique Furniture.

There exists an uncertain distinction between the term ‘vintage’ and ‘antique’. The truth though is that these two words are totally different especially when they are used to refer to collectible items. When we talk of vintage, we are mostly referring to a product that is less than a century while antique refers to a product that is a hundred years old or more.

This tells us that a vintage furniture is at the best furniture made in the period falls short of a hundred years limit. Similarly, antique furniture is the type of collectible furniture that has aged for more than a century. The importance of the word “quality” on these types of furniture is not to be taken lightly. The reason for this is that most people may think that they are just old. If you are a furniture collector, you know that they are not just old but are also valuable and made with utmost attention.

If we take an example of vintage furniture, you will realize that they come with a make that is precise and their details are sharply refined. The term Vintage furniture also sometimes used by dealers to imply furniture that is original in making.

Antique furniture is on its part a rare item and one that comes with great value given that it’s not easy to find a hundred year old item. However, it is not worth being antique furniture if it has not been left to remain in the same state as it was at the time of its making. They thus require special care and maintenance. Without this, it may lose its revered elegance and worth. You can properly take care of them by applying beeswax when cleaning and polishing. This has been found to be an efficient way to maintain the antique furniture thereby retaining its value and charm.

Differentiating between vintage furniture and antique furniture is one problem you might face while ordering any of them.

Antiques are actually highly valuable products and this is the main reason as to why you need to confirm authenticity. Apart from seeking an experts opinion you may also check for some peculiar elements such as checking how the drawers are made, checking for imperfections, and the finishing on the furniture. Given that antiques were put in place earlier than the time when machines were invented you should spot things such as imperfections and some rough edges on this furniture.

Some of the vendors of antique and vintage furniture that you can trust include Kernow Furniture UK, Retro Furniture, and Antique Furniture UK.

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