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Information on Tax Sales and a Tax Sale Attorney’s Forms of Assistance

A homeowner who does not pay the property tax for the house can lose it through a tax sale. A property tax is important because it is used to support efforts on local infrastructure, medical services, local government, police/fire protection, and local education. Taxes really matter for the government that needs the different expenses.

Once you fail to pay your property tax the consequences include your property gets put up for tax lien sale or a tax deed sale. This is a way for the government to collect the delinquent taxes from you.

Tax sales differ from state to state. You have to be really careful with it because, the government usually proceeds with the tax sale without consulting the court. Without the court’s involvement, your property gets listed in the records and in the newspaper. You will then be informed of the pending tax sale. A public bidding will take place and the initial value starts at the overall due amount of the property. If you won the bidding you get tax deed or a tax lien certificate, which was mentioned earlier.

The proceedings of a tax deed involves the selling of a property and its ownership rights to someone. A tax deed will entitle you to the house sold by the government.
The proceedings of tax lien certification involves the selling of the taxation authority on a property to someone. A tax lien certificate entitles you to receive all of the taxes that the owner has to pay for the property he or she has on a tax sale. Penalties the go beyond the due date will prompt a tax lien certificate-holder to take actions in taking the property from the owner.

You have to get a tax sale attorney’s assistance for such cases. He or she can help save your property from a tax deed sale or tax lien sale.

A tax sale lawyer is able to aid you in redeeming your property from a tax deed sale. He or she can guide you in refunding the purchaser of all the amount spent for the tax deed. He or she is capable of informing you that you can redeem your property even before the bidding starts. Aside from that, a tax sale lawyer can help you in setting aside the sale by identifying problems in the tax sale process.

If your property is on a tax lien sale, then a lawyer is capable of guiding you in the process of redeeming it. The redemption is almost the same as the tax deed.

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