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Gabe’s Magnificent Flight

My flying back home wasn’t a terrible experience – contrary to what I had expected. I would say perhaps it is because I did it a couple of days and had managed to survive – so I thought, that is where I am good at. You shouldn’t take me wrong; I do not have any intention of flying again. You see, flying that much for more than three days can be very wearing, and you would not want to care what happens. You want to see to it that you make it quick enough.

I was awake for the most part of the night, reading and putting together the “how to” manuals for the Albany airport because I was intended to fly out before my loved ones. I wanted to ensure that they know what to do when I wasn’t around. And it wasn’t being about philanthropic; I didn’t have that feeling of having to go back there in the near future. And you can say I am selfish if you want.

And so, I went online and researched more about the airport’s policies. I found out that it is necessary that I arrive few hours before my flight. It is expected that most of the travelers prefer to be at the airport an hour before their flight, but then I felt that I wanted to be over and cleared. It is extremely disappointing to miss that much-awaited flight because you couldn’t arrive at the expected time and get your belongings checked before you fly.

The website that is visited; a site that belongs to the transportation services that operate in the Albany area had statistics that said lost baggage and delayed flights form a huge segment of the complaints. It is possible for me to deal with that lost item; that one in can handle; but not missing a flight – that is a no-no. I can’t possibly miss such a great flight; and the way I am longing to be home.

And to my anticipation, the plane did get me back to Kansas City, safe and sound; and I am here giving my account at seven the morning. I thought that I would arrive home safe and I realize that flying isn’t such a bad experience. It is convenient and saves time. However, I feel that I hate flying even more at the moment. It is something I haven’t grown to like. You book your flight and fly over states and then reach your destination and then reach your intended destination; that is not exhilarating at all.

I feel that I would want to see and experience everything, and you can’t do this when you just have to zoom your destination, and there – you are landing before you know. I would want to drive through the states, alight and take a break, eat, and see my old folks and proceed.

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